Frankincense Intense™ Lift Serum


Age well and stress less with our new clinically proven serum. A mindful beauty breakthrough with targeted lifting technology, it works to visibly lift, plump and recontour* skin that’s starting to show the second signs of ageing. Inhaling the therapeutic aroma while applying will help you start to feel less stressed and more relaxed**.


82% agree their skin feels tighter* **
87% agree their skin feels hydrated* **

After 1 week
84% agree their skin tone looks more even and radiant* **
84% agree the therapeutic aroma helps promote a feeling of relaxation and wellbeing* **

After 2 weeks
88% agree their skin feels firmer and more toned* **
85% agree the therapeutic aroma helps them to feel less stressed* **

After 4 weeks
83% agree their skin looks visibly lifted* **
83% agree their deep lines and wrinkles appear reduced* **

*Based on consumer trials on 100 women over 4 weeks

**Based on clinical trials

How to use:

Apply to clean skin morning and evening. The pipette works with air suction – unscrew the cap, take the glass pipette out of the bottle and squeeze the rubber bulb to remove air. Place the pipette back inside the bottle and release the bulb to fill with serum. Squeeze two drops of serum onto your fingertips and inhale the aroma for a few moments. Then apply to your face and neck with a light, upwards, stroking motion until fully absorbed.

“I love this serum and the experience of using it because of the aromatherapy aspect. The aroma is beautiful – very relaxing and restful.” Jacqueline – Heworth, Tyne and Wear

“I’m enjoying using this product because of the amazing aroma. It has also improved my skin very quickly – my jawline looks especially firmer.” Sara, Gosport

“It made my skin look radiant and dewy. It also left it looking plump and fine lines reduced.” Sally – Selby, N. Yorks

‘If you’re looking for the most natural way to lift and plump the skin, the power of plants and frankincense holds the key. On top of that, the scent really helps to de-stress and keep your mind focused’. OK!

‘We love Neal’s Yard Frankincense Intense Lift Serum, which has been shown to positively affect mood, and gives skin a dewy look, too’. Good Housekeeping

Price: $165.00